Moving Stories


Prelude: ‘Paris is about life’ On the 14th of November 2015, I was at the Eurostar check-in at the Gare du Nord, Paris, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. A quote…

Kicking It Up: ‘Asi se baila el chotis’ (this is how you dance the chotis)

In an effort to deepen my dance research, and understand a bit more about the European side of Afro-European creolisation that resulted in these dances, I’ve been on another path of discovery: the YouTube afterlives of that curious, and, from a contemporary perspective, decidedly non-glamorous– dance form originally christened the ‘schottische’ (from ‘schottisch’, German for ‘Scottish’).


Moving Conversation #9: Thomas Presto and Gladys Francis

Moving Conversation #9: Thomas Presto and Gladys Francis 30TH JUNE 2017 ANATOMY MUSEUM, KING’S COLLEGE LONDON, 6.30 PM A conversation between THOMAS PRESTØ, Norway and Trinidad Artistic director of Tabanka…

Moving Group

Moving Group 5: Tango: Black Atlantic and Beyond. Report by Ananya Kabir

Our fifth Moving Group was dedicated to an exploration of tango music and dance, and it involved a double bill. First, we heard Dr Kendra Stepputat, ethnomusicologist from the University…