Dr Elina Djebbari starts her fieldwork in Havana, Cuba

‘es que la Habana tiene el swing; es por eso que me llama’ (‘it’s because Havana has the swing; and that’s the reason it calls out to me’- Manolito y su trabuco). Modern Moves team member Elina Djebbari responds to the call of Havana- she has just begun a month in this city, to carry out research on her new project about Cold War links between West African musicians and dancers and their Cuban counterparts. She will also investigate for Modern Moves the evolution of nightlife in Cuba in relation to ‘Socialist time’. During the days in the archives, every night in the archives of the dance floor, and of course, this being Cuba, ample opportunity to note the still-present role of the street and the neighbourhood in the formation of social dance: this is the way we work it in Modern Moves! Check out the first of her weekly ‘dispatches from the field’, now on our Moving Blog, to read about her experiences! http://