Research-related travel continues apace for the Modern Moves team!

Barely did Elina Djebbari return from a month-long field trip in Havana that she left for Ouagadougou, where she will participate in ‘Culture as a Resource – Understanding the Role of Art and Cultural Performance in Envisioning the Future’, a Workshop in the framework of the Programme Point Sud. Ananya Kabir took the opportunity of her 48 hour turnaround in Paris to conduct a debriefing visit, which also allowed her to visit the spectacular exhibition ‘Haiti’ at Paris’s Grand Palais. In the meanwhile, earlier in December, Madison Moore visited Amsterdam’s famed club, Trouw, for a final visit before its dramatic shutting down, in order to collect material for his project ‘A Cultural History of Saturday Night’. In January, Ananya’s research visit to the Magic Salsa Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will flag off a new line of research on salsa and/ in post-conflict societies, particularly the Balkans.
We regularly use our blog to report these events, so keep an eye on our updates and posts!