Madison Moore Debuts ‘How to Go Clubbing’ At Performance Space Sydney

What is the value of nightlife? What promises does Saturday night make? On Saturday, February 20th, Modern Moves postdoctoral researcher Madison Moore debuts a new performance lecture titled ‘How to Go Clubbing‘ which draws on theories of queer time and space to think through the magic and mythology of Saturday night. How does nightlife shape queer livelihood? Can clubbing use time to challenge capitalist notions of work and productivity? Is nightlife be creative? ‘How to Go Clubbing’ was commissioned by Performance Space, a leading interdisciplinary art center based in Sydney, Australia, with a commitment to experimental art practice. From February 20 to 21 Madison will be one of eight artists featured in Day for Night, a 24-hour extravaganza of art, performance, movement and lectures all focused on interrogating the queerness of nightlife. View the full schedule here!

Photo courtesy of Albert Palen.